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It also is unique for being set in the ex-pat community of Bangkok Thailand so bonus points for the exotic locale.

The film follows Allie as she rents a room that was the scene of a brutal murder a month earlier.

There she meets beautiful French lesbian Marit (Sarah Bonrepaux) and intense Brit Michael (Ben Wiggins), who both immediately begin vying for her affections.

The labyrinthine plotline begins spinning in circles while the body count rises, and Allie at one points finds herself striding down a busy street bloodied and wielding an axe.

Suddenly she finds herself alone and terrified in the apartment.

While Soisson’s Bangkok based narrative certainly gets the locale right for a nexus of potential seedy strangeness, where sex tourism without any rational limits runs virulently unsanctioned, there’s nothing else remotely inspired about any of the inane antics in a thriller that already seems behind the times in its tech lingo as concerns digitalized sex for sale.

A woman had her head chopped off by someone she met online there but the price is right so Allie takes it.

She makes fast friends with the locals of the apartment building, especially a girl named Marit who runs the titular Cam2cam site.

Lucy is interrupted from sexcapades by the annoying neighbor upstairs (Russell Geoffrey Banks) who wants to invite her to the party he’s throwing.

Declining his offer, Lucy goes back to her computer and her sexy conversation quickly turns eerie.

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There’s a lot of pretty extreme violence towards women; the prolonged opening sequence alone borders on torture porn.

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