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This was the first album they recorded entirely in the studio together.

The duo collaborated with rappers like Danny Brown and Angel Haze.

In 2014 Purity Ring produced the song "God's Reign" for rapper Ab-Soul's album, These Days....

In February 2014, the duo announced they were working on a second studio album.

Wondering what the fuss about promise rings are all about? So is it like an engagement ring, but not really an engagement ring? A promise ring is just that, it’s a ring that signifies a promise of some kind.

I wasn’t the first one who wanted to express this passionate romance that overflowed within me. Nick Jonas opened up about his now-broken virginity commitment and the origins of his purity ring during a loaded Reddit Ask Me Anything on Thursday, March 31, telling commenters he was too young to realize what it meant."I'm not being snarky when I ask this, I'm seriously curious," one Reddit user wrote."Was the whole purity ring thing a part of your marketing to families and young kids?Or were you seriously about abstaining from gettin' down and it was just publicized to give you guys a cleaner image?

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Since then, Jonas' romantic life has been a hot topic among fans; the pop star broke up with former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo in 2015 after nearly two years of dating, and subsequently started hooking up with Kate Hudson.

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