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I can satisfy this complaint by marking each of the parameters with a ? The column will contain the value returned by the procedure and I can use that downstream. The parameter results will overwrite those default values.

, just like you do in just about any other SSIS component that takes parameters. I actually mapped the columns, but the cool thing is the component picked up the parameter names from the procedure! You need to map that to a column in order to pass that down stream. "If I look at the parameters at the top of the blog post, I see an input parameter and an OUTPUT parameter. Ignore the column titles "Input Column' and 'Destination Column' and just think of this in terms of 'local variable' and 'parameter name'.

The data flow is designed to operate on buffers of data, which contain by default around 10,000 rows.I've created a sample procedure with a single input parameter (@incoming) and a single output parameter (@outgoing).While the component does know there are parameters, it makes no assumption as to how you are going to access or organize them, so it complains.There are two ways in which you can call a stored procedure: 'Pass-by-Position' or 'Pass-by-Parameter'.'Pass-by-Parameter' is my favorite method of calling a stored procedure.You list out the parameter names and pass them values.

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It's these relations between tables that give relational databases their name.

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